Roller Doors

Sydney Garage Doors roller doors have a reputation for quality and smooth operation in the industry for more than 7 years.

Ease of use and long lasting, our roller doors come with a 40mm deep tracking system and wider poly felt runners allowing for effortless operation and reduced friction and noise. This makes our roller doors a more secure option than other leading brands that only have 25mm deep tracks. This upgrade combined with our specially designed and strengthened bottom rail keep high wind pressures and forced entry damage at minimum. High winds can blow a roller door out of its tracks leaving the contents of your garage exposed to weather or a great entry point for theft. Sydney garage doors, roller doors are custom made to suit most garage openings and our range combines a unique profile with first class Colorbond® Steel materials making them some of the strongest, smoothest, quietest, and most reliable garage roller doors available today.

Sydney Garage Doors, automatic garage door openers come with a full range of features, an ‘Auto Reverse System’ causes the garage door to immediately stop and reverse when it comes into contact with an object, while the optional ‘Photo Eye Beam’ feature automatically reverses the closing door if its electronic beam senses an obstruction. Our automatic openers have soft start and close features and come with a five year factory warranty, using the Sydney Garage Doors, automatic opener ensures smoothness of operation and one of the quietest garage door automation systems on the market.​​


  • Available in Zincalume® or Colorbond®

  • 0.4 or 0.55 gauge steel

  • Continuous roll formed curtain

  • 40mm or 63mm guides available

  • Available in widths up to 5500mm and heights up to 4000mm

  • Easily operated manually or automated

  • Most Standard Colorbond® colours available

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