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Garage Door Opener Optional Extras

Wireless key pad

Want to add the convenience of access through the garage door without the need to carry a transmitter? Fit one of our wireless digital key pads outside your home.

Garage door remote

Our 4 buttons remote control for 4 channels of control for individual gates or doors. 433.92Mhz, rolling code technology to ensure your garage is secure .

Wireless wall switch

Stylish and convenient wall switch can be mounted in any indoor location without the need to run expensive wiring.

Universal receiver

Add a universal receiver to any of your existing home automation. Universal receivers, which can hold up to 20 transmitters, feature 12 ~ 24V AC or DC input and normally closed and normally open outputs making them compatible with virtually any existing system.

Photo Cell

Safety Beams provide the safety by passing an invisible eye across the path of your garage door and will thus prevent the door from closing, if an object interrupts the beams path.

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