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Subject to statutory guarantees, the Manufacturer warrants against defects in materials & workmanship from the date of purchase for the periods specified:

Roller Door
Domestic/Residential use – 2 years for steel door curtain & associated labour & 1 year for surface
coating, locking mechanism, all other components & associated labour (excludes salt corrosion).
Industrial/Commercial use – 1 year for all components, motors & labour (excludes salt corrosion).

Steel Sectional Door
Domestic/Residential use – 2 years for steel door panel & associated labour & 1 year for surface coating, locking mechanism, all other components & associated labour. Industrial/Commercial (High usage doors) use– 1 year for all components, motors & labour. (Labour not included after 2 years)
Smooth doors are subject to oil canning. The degree of oil canning may vary and cannot be determined. This is not a warranty issue. Please confirm that the end user is aware of this prior to ordering the door.

Cedar/Timber Sectional Door
Domestic/Residential use – 2 years for frame & associated labour & 1 year for cladding material,
locking mechanism & all other components & associated labour (excludes salt corrosion). Industrial/Commercial use – 1 year for all components, motor & labour. Customer supplied cladding is not covered by this warranty. All timber doors must be sealed / painted on both sides prior to

Tilt Door Fittings
Domestic/Residential – 1 year for all components & labour.

Domestic/Residential use - Please refer to motor manual (Labour not included after 2 years)

Associated labour only applies when installed directly by Sydney Garage Doors Pty Ltd.

To raise a claim under this warranty you must:

2.2 Produce a copy of the invoice and;

2.3 Provide evidence or return goods.

2.4 Where a product has been sold by SGD, make all warranty claims directly with the manufacturer or;

2.5 Where a product has been sold by an approved distributor, make all warranty claims directly with the approved distributor from which you purchased the product. 

This warranty applies to customers, approved distributors and approved agents who purchase directly from the manufacturer. An approved distributor are those who are approved to resell SGD products, purchasing on an open account for the purpose of supplying SGD products to end users. An approved agent is contracted by SGD for installation purposes.

4.1 Purpose
This warranty applies to the product where it is used, maintained & serviced in accordance with the manufacturer purpose, and the care and maintenance requirements. Warranties are void if the product is used for any other purpose other than those intended by the Manufacturer.

4.2 Installation by approved agents
The warranty applies to defects or malfunction of the product resulting from faulty installation by an approved agent. Any product installed by a non-approved agent is not covered under this warranty.

4.3 Repair or Replace
This warranty covers repairs in a manner that the Manufacturer considers reasonable including, if
necessary, the touch-up of surface coatings. If a replacement is required this decision is at the sole
discretion of the Manufacturer.

4.4 Proven Defects
This warranty only applies to the repair or replace of proven defects in materials & workmanship.
Proof of defect must be provided in the form a photographic image or by returning the product to the Manufacturer.

4.5 Proof of Purchase Date
Pursuant to clause 2, proof of purchase date is the date shown on the original invoice supplied by the manufacturer. This invoice is required when making a claim.

4.6 Environmental Conditions
This warranty does not cover damage to surface coatings or the base materials of the product or motors caused by the proximity to the seafront or similar corrosive conditions. Any extreme weather conditions are not covered by this warranty. SGD automatic opener products are not covered by product warranties where they have been installed in environments, which allow them to encounter excessive heat, moisture or humidity (e.g. carport applications).

5.1 The liability of SGD to the Buyer in relation to the supply of the Product is limited to direct loss or damage to tangible property caused to the Buyer be up to an amount not exceeding the
purchase price received by SGD for the Product.

5.2 The liability of SGD to the Buyer whether in tort (including negligence), contract, breach of statutory duty, equity or otherwise arising from the relationship between them is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Without limiting clause 5.1 SGD will not be liable for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by;

6.1 operating a Product by any device, electronic or otherwise, which was not installed or supplied by SGD;

6.2 any masonry, rendered, or other surfaces cracking or collapsing during or after the installation of the Product;

6.3 any defect or deterioration of timber, including drying out after installation of product;

6.4 any weakening or collapse of the structure to which the Product is affixed occurring at any time after installation;

6.5 Any damage to or deterioration in the condition of the Product occurring after delivery and before installation; or

6.6 Any other circumstance or event arising as a direct or indirect consequence or failure to any
person to follow installation, use or maintenance instructions as issued by SGD

Product warranties do not cover any modifications Made to existing or future models of the product in products sold under these warranties.

Pursuant to Clause 1, product warranties cover either the cost of the faulty component (s) & the
labour involved in replacing / repairing the faulty component(s), or the component (s) only. Product
Warranties do not cover indirect expenses such as, but not limited to, travel expenses.

No representative or agent of the Manufacturer has the authority to alter the terms or coverage of
this warranty.

SGD – Sydney Garage Doors PTY LTD



Garage door kits are supplied with hardware and tracks in purposeful condition that require care and attention. To keep all hardware and tracks in working condition refer to the following for instructions:

1. To lubricate all moving parts SGD recommend using CRC 5-56 or WD40 spray and then
follow the application guidelines on the product.

2. To clean all tracks we recommend using a dry light brush to remove all corrosive debris i.e. heavy industrial dust or salt from open water sources.

3. SGD products that are used more frequently i.e. constantly opened and closed, should be maintained more regularly.

Recommended timeframe for standard use is once every 12 months, and for more frequent users this should be every 6 months.

Service requirements
Domestic/residential use - servicing every 12 months is required.
Commercial use - servicing every 6 months is required.
High usage you must service every 3-6 months.

Adjustment: If any moving part or tracks require adjustment and the product was installed by a SGD approved agent, contact our office immediately.

All service work carried out by Sydney Garage Doors on second hand garage doors for repair or
maintenance, DO NOT AND WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER ANY WARRANTY for any parts and or labour charged for. 

COLORBOND® & Aluminium Composite / Opal Doors
Cleaning: Use a soft bristled brush and clean water to clear corrosive contaminants from the steel. Corrosive contaminants include but not limited to salt water deposits and/or deposits from industrial sites.

Frequency: 3 monthly.

Those areas closer to open waters or industrial sites should apply these cleaning products every 1 month.

Cedar/timber Sectional Door
Cleaning: Prior to applying finish product remove any debris from the cedar panels and ensure the doors is completely dry.

Application of stain or paints:
Follow the guideline from your selected coating product and ensure you have coated both sides of
each panel. Failing to follow the product application guideline will void the warranty. All cedar material must be coated or sealed prior to installation. Dark stain/paint should be avoided and will void the warranty. If panels are dropped off prior to install for application, the profile and size must be checked prior to application. SGD will not cover the application/labour cost if panels are incorrect.

Application Frequency: SGD recommends that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines from the selected finish product. If you have received a cedar door already coated you should reapply the same oil coating within 30 days of receiving the door, and every 12 months thereafter.

Automatic openers:


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